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"Mavromatis’" tavern lies in Agia Pararaskevi, a suburb in the North of Athens, since 1936.

The style has changed a few times through the years until 1990, when we bought the restaurant and gave it its present form.

Our menu is based mainly on grilled food (grilled on coal), fresh salads and appetizers. Traditional Greek homemade food enrichments the menu and meat “on the spit” is something you should definitely try!
Have in mind that chicken chops are our specialty!!!

We are open every day during the week, weekends and during Holidays from 12.00am till late at night.


We undertake all kinds of social events.



Address: 4 Eptanisou str. - Ag. Paraskevi

Telefon: (+30) 210 6399102 - (+30) 210 6014048

Fax: (+30) 210 6018936

Website: www.tavernamavromatis.gr

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